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Mac Miller: – Now the cause of death is ready


On Friday September 7, a surprise was announced that American rapper Mac Miller, 26, had died. He was found in his own home in Studio City, Los Angeles, around 12 o'clock local time. Now, two months after the tragedy, the cause of death is clear.

The artist accidentally died of a Fentanyl overdose, a drug that included the family of opioids, cocaine and alcohol, confirmed the Los Angeles County Coroner Medical Inspectorate Department Monday to People.

According to the magazine, the autopsy was completed three days after Miller died, and his family later buried him in his hometown in Pittsburgh, according to Los Angeles Coroner spokesman Sarah Ardalani.

I HAD BEEN: Friday, Aretha Franklin is buried in Detroit. In that case, Ariana Grande appeared during the ceremony – led by bishop Charles H. Ellis III (60). The latter, however, stands for situations that must then be regretted. Video: NTB Scanpix
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Shouts of Ariana Grande

The forensic report revealed that Miller was found in bed, "kneeling with his nose resting on his knee", by his assistant.

After calling 911, Assistant Miller moved to the floor where he carried out heart and lung guidance until ambulance staff arrived and said the rap was dead, according to People.

The assistant must then tell the authorities that Miller "kept himself aware and that when he first" sneaked out "he caught a large number." He also added that the musician had "sneaked out several times" in the last period, the last three days before his death, wrote the magazine.

For most Norwegians, Mac Miller may be best known as the most popular artist Ariana Grandes (25). The couple were together for two years before they left earlier this year.

Shortly after the announcement of death was known in September, Grande released a picture of a grass quote in homage. And one week after his death, he wrote openly about losing him in a post on Instagram.

– Can't fix this

Related to the video by Miller who sang, Grande described how difficult and in fact the last week was for him.

"I love you since I met you when I was 19 years old, and I will always. I can't believe you're not here anymore. I can't understand it. We talked about this. Many times. I was very angry. I was very sad that I do not know what to do from me, "he shared in a candid post, and continued:

"You are my dearest friend. Very long. More than anything. I am very sorry that I cannot fix this or eliminate the pain. I really want it. A cute and sweet soul with a devil that he never got. I hope you are well just now. Take a break. "

Miller, who sells arenas throughout the world and on several occasions visited Norway, means a lot to many people. His honest text about substance abuse and love has hit millions of people around the world since the debut of & # 39; Blue Slide Park & ​​# 39; in 2011.

The texts are inspired by his own life.

Even though millions rolled shortly after their debut and life changed significantly, life is not as easy as a rapper. The headlines catching up, misunderstanding relationships, and substance abuse problems marking him all the way, to the end.

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