Knut Sander (20) fell asleep when a collision occurred. Think it vibrates normally. Then he found water on the floor.


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Knut Sander (20) had served at KNM Ingge Ingstad half a year before he collided with the Sola TS tanker on Thursday.

He now tells about his experience at Aftenposten.

– Where do you feel when a collision occurs?

"I lay asleep in a six-man-sucker, far behind, on the left. Not too far away where the ship was hit.

– You don't get any warnings?

– I woke up in a voice and trembled. But it's not too abnormal. This often breaks from the engine, even when the ship is about a larger wave. I don't think too much about it, thinking it's not dangerous, Sander said.

Must hear flood warnings

– But then it only took a few seconds until I heard a flood scream, which showed that there was a flood somewhere on the boat. I woke the others and cried with the same message.

– What's the first thing you do afterwards?

"I was a little in the desert and heard more shouting. Then I pulled the curtain and saw that there was water on the floor. Then something happened in my mind, I realized it was real. We in Lugare took us out and got on board.

– About how long from the collision to the order given for evacuation?

– We have procedures for everything. When something happens, we will meet at the agreed post. I met at the cannon on the deck. I don't really have a clear time perspective about how long until they decide to leave the ship and until we are on a tugboat.

– Usually we will go with an inflatable lifeboat. They were also put on water, but then it was decided that we must cross the tugboat directly, "Sander said.

– A little stupid for me

– How is the lighting on the ship when you take your boat out?

"It's a bit foggy for me, but it's probably darker than usual and an emergency light. When we first came out on the stern deck, it started to brighten up.

– What did you talk about when this happened?

"We are very happy that everyone lives and no one is seriously injured.

"Have you heard of those who experienced that their rockers were blown up?

– I learned about it afterwards. But they also follow procedures and come with tires or seek treatment. I have spoken to everyone, and even though we are affected by this situation, I feel that they are fine.

I have practiced a lot

– How do you check that you have control over everyone?

"We have a routine on it. Guests on board also know where to meet.

– Have you experienced a safe evacuation situation?

– Yes, very safe. Officers and those who lead the evacuation take control. This is also something we practice a lot.

– What's the first thing you did when you landed?

"I think it's in Sturerminal. We have clothes and drinks.

– Do you see damage on the ship?

"Not before we reached the helicopter deck and could see the flute on the side of the ship.

– Is the ship finished?

– Yes, but not much.

Do you tell them at home?

– Not everyone brings a telephone. Me neither. But we help each other to call. And fortunately at the beginning of the web there were no dead or injured. At home with me no one is worried.

– What's up now?

– Most have traveled home. Then we will meet again at the weekend, Sander said.


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