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Jannes Companion: He is very clear that he will get a divorce

STILTAL DRAP: Svein Jemtland was accused of killing his wife Janne last night until December 29 last year
STILTAL DRAP: Svein Jemtland was accused of killing his wife Janne last night until December 29 last year Private photo


HAMAR (VG) Janne Jemtland (36) has long believed that the relationship with her husband gradually became worse. Only a few weeks before the murder, he had to say this until now, killing Svein Jemtland.

published: Updated: 19.11.18 11:20

He will get a divorce. He was really clear this December. He said he no longer had feelings for Svein. That he was finished, said a close friend Janne Jemtland.

He was clearly affected when he explained in a witness box in Hedmark district court on Monday.

His friend said that in the past few years the toddler mother had told her about the divorce from Svein Jemtland, and that the marriage between them had only gradually deteriorated. He told them that they could often shout and argue loudly, as did the same witness who knew the couple was in court on Monday.

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– They care for each other. But it got worse gradually over the past two years. The first time he mentioned divorce with me was in 2015. But he also realized that he would not give up and he wanted to work to make it work.

Must be found out

According to allegations, Svein Jemtland was supposed to shoot his wife in a pot with a Makarov semi-automatic pistol on Friday December 29 last year, around 2:00 a.m.

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He stated in a statement in court last week that the shooting as a woman was caused by a Basketball accidents that occur between them. Prosecutors, on the other hand, believe that The 47-year-old murder deliberately shot Janne.

– He feels caught and alone. But they have lived together for a long time and have children together, so there is no decision for him, "said the boyfriend.

According to friends, Janne Jemtland told him that he was sure he would divorce him on December 8 last year and that he also told her husband. The time at Jemtland's house will be tense afterwards, describing his girlfriend.

Svein Jemtland: "I just have to hide what happened

The friend said that Svein Jemtland looked desperate and he asked him to talk to his wife to save the marriage.

"He loves Janne, and is desperate to divorce.

His best friend said that Janne believed him about relationships with her husband several times in the past few years, including about this fall episode where he should be very angry.

– Svein is very angry. He has taken the children so that he will calm down again, "said the girlfriend.

So he got hurt

The friend spoke with Janne Jemtland last time on Thursday 28 December. The two friends then sent a message between them.

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– I am working. He drove and arranged things for parties, sent pictures of his hair, makeup and clothes. Have the impression that both of them are ready to party with good friends, said the girlfriend.

The day after the party, Svein Jemtland had called her boyfriend and asked if he could come.

"Svein is sad and worried. You see that she is in pain.

He told him that he visited home every day the first week after losing a toddler's mother.

"It starts to make sense to me that something is wrong, but I will not think about it.

When Svein Jemtland was arrested and accused of killing January 12 this year, his girlfriend said he was angry.

– I am angry. On Svein. What he did was incomprehensible, he said, adding that he was also angry because he thought the 47-year-old man had let his two sons believe that Janne had left them voluntarily.

"He always said that" Mother came home, "he always gave them the impression that he had to go home, he said.

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