Irish club lying that one of the players died – Promising that one of the players die to delay the soccer match: – Shocking


This is the Irish Times reporting on certain episodes.

This is Irish club Ballybrack who claims that one of their players, Fernando Nuno La Fuente, was killed in a car accident. Damage, from a variety of tragic, means that Ballybrack seems to have to postpone the match.

Condolences come from, among other things, other teams with wide football, on social media.

Then, however, it was confirmed that Fuente was still alive and in a very good form.

"We just have to express our deepest regrets in Leinster's Senior League, our opponents Arklow Town FC and the club and the people who contacted us for support, the club wrote on Facebook.

– shocking

Chairman of the Board David Morgan in the Senior League, where Ballybrack played, got a jump in obstacles.

"It started to be tame for us when we called the family on Monday and asked if there was anything we could do for them. They said that his body was back in Spain, and it didn't go well. Moran said to the Irish Times.

Moran said that teams in the league were practicing silence one minute before the match and that the players used black troops around their arms.

"There must be something wrong with those who did this," said Moran.

He also told the club secretary to stop.

Can be punished

Thursday, Ballybrack can be punished.

"The first thing we have to do is find out what rules they actually decide. We have never gone far like something," Moran said.

But the most important thing now is to treat players who are thought to have died in traffic accidents.

"We are worried about him and he might be ridiculed after this. We have never done anything like that. It is extreme. We will also bring this to the league team because of losing football," Moran explained.

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