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iPhone, Apple | Sharp criticism after the launch of the iPhone:

Apple recently launched its new iPhone 12 model. It then became clear that the company no longer intended to plug power adapters and earplugs into the box – even in the most expensive model, which costs 13,990 kroner, these will become standard.

Apple justifies this by the fact that it helps reduce carbon emissions, while the boxes are getting smaller and lighter. The company itself says they can now carry 70 percent more per pallet. The provisions will also apply to older models that are still in this range.

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– And worse

A UN report has calculated the amount of EE waste generated in the world in 2019 at 53.6 million tonnes, writes, and in this case it seems a logical direction to take. On top of that, the power adapter and earbuds are something most of us already have.

“Apple customers already have more than 700 million earbuds, and there are more than two billion Apple adapters worldwide,” Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president, explained regarding the launch of the iPhone 12.

Furthermore, Jackson claims that this move can be compared to eliminating 450,000 cars every year.

However, many point out that the cable that came with the new iPhone is a USB-C cable, which is not compatible with the charger that came with the previous iPhone. To date, all chargers are compatible with the larger and wider USB-A standard.

Among those who reacted was the Nature Conservation Association in Norway.

– When things are more expensive, it usually means that you take better care of them. And perhaps there is no doubt that very many households have far more chargers than they need, precisely because new ones are always included. Something that is an added dimension to this is a brand-specific charger, Nature Conservation Association leader Silje Lundberg told Nettavisen.

And add:

– What all mobile companies should do is switch to universal chargers, as the EU has said in the past. -At the same time, Apple is just a beacon of the environment. They purposely made it difficult to repair their phones, and were the worst in this area. Apple is suing, among other things, a repairman at Ski who repairs iPhones for not using genuine Apple parts.

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– Deceive consumers

The MDGs also reacted to Apple’s new move.

Hulda Holtvedt is a spokeswoman for the Greens, and she describes everything as “greenwashing”.

– I think this doesn’t sound like a real climate measure from Apple. Sounds like this is about getting as much money as possible from consumers. This is called “greenwashing”. We commend companies that want to take social responsibility and produce more environmentally friendly products, and then Apple should start by increasing the durability of its phones and batteries. They have a business model which means that customers will often buy new products, Hottvedt told Nettavisen.

And continues:

– It would be better than fooling consumers that this is an environmental act, when it is actually about being stingy.

Here’s how Holtvedt explains what «greenwashing» entails:

Holtvedt goes on to explain that greenwashing pretends that an action is about protecting the environment, when it’s really about completely different things – like making your own money. When Apple later said that this was an environmental act, of course it was good for their marketing product. However, consumers need to be able to distinguish between a good initiative from the business community and what is merely a sales tactic, the politician said.

– Apple has a business model that means their products are out of date, or destroyed within a few years. One solution is to require a durability label on products, so that consumers know better about the types of durability they can attribute.

The online newspaper was unable to get a comment from Apple.


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