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Here Carlsen was surprised at the victory party

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LONDON: About two hours after the World Cup title was secured, Magnus Carlsen appeared at a victory party at the Rosewood luxury hotel in London.

There about 50 people hid in a room to surprise world champions.

When Carlsen arrived at the party, the jubilee stood on the ceiling. Carlsen smiled while the confetti hit him.

"He seems very relieved and happy, said manager Espen Agdestein.

"He didn't realize how to win the World Championship match for 12 long-distance matches. It was a very strange dynamic. Where he went for so long and he didn't know how to win. Today was settled, he continued.

«Good day at work»

When he got a gold medal, Carlsen celebrated his opponent, Caruana, when he was described as a "big player".

"Especially in New York too, but Magnus is a big favorite. This time he's playing against number two in the world. This time it's the highest examination. It's a little less like that in New York. There are many other challenging things.

The tired Carlsen will not let himself be interviewed at the party. He had been through several busy hours after Caruana surrendered in a third quick chase.

– I am very happy. I feel my day is really good at work today. Everything went perfectly, Carlsen said at the press conference right after the party.

The next Carlsen tournament is a very fast and fast World Cup in Rome. This tournament is likely to be in Russia.

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