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– Has influenced the entire season – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and schedules

– It's gone up and down. He has had limits since last winter, really, far from the European Championships in Glasgow. "That has affected the entire season's planning," national team doctor Ove Talsnes told NRK.

He was present during the procedure at the University Hospital in Oslo on Tuesday. Ingebrigtsen previously fought with the same finger, but now they hope the problem is gone forever. Runners from Sandnes had to undergo surgery on the same leg after the 2016 Olympics.

– A slightly different intervention was made from the last time. A little different, but in the same area. This time more broadly, said Talsnes.

– Will say anything about the number of weeks

Henrik Ingebrigtsen

Henrik Ingebrigtsen on his way out of the hospital after surgery.

Photo: Norwegian Athletics Association

Injury is wear on what is called the root joint in the toe, which is the joint where the foot becomes the toe.

– He will be able to continue training but not run the first period, but he will start running relatively fast. We drink it gradually, week after week, really.

– When you say he returns quickly, what does that mean?

– We will not say anything about the number of weeks. We take one week at a time, then we make a rehabilitation plan according to how the situation is. "We hope he can prepare relatively normally, as planned otherwise, with only a few changes in training this fall," said Talsnes.

Without amputation

When Gjert Ingebrigtsen met NRK at the start of the World Cup in Doha, he said that he had heard with his son whether he would be willing to amputate the entire toe.

– This is a kind of main opportunity to get rid of him, because there is no indication that he needs it. This is a last resort to eliminate what is only a nuisance, Gjert said, before also stressing that he is serious.

When the operation is now over, doctor Talsnes says that it has never been a real topic.

– Apart from active advice from the central part of the Henrik Ingebrigtsen support system, it was decided to try to resolve the cause rather than eliminate the problem. Antibiotics are also used today in connection with the procedure, Talsnes said in a press release from the athletic association.

They wrote that he said it in a cheerful tone, and it referred to "the previous mention of the toe problem and the treatment of other family members".

Antibiotic treatment is a reference when Filip Ingebrigtsen was given antibiotics in connection with having to sew during the European Championships in athletics last year. Not Gjert Ingebrigtsen who was so happy with him.

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