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Special details in the last championship band Thorir Hergeirsson.

OSLO (Nettavisen): Tuesday the Norwegian EM squad was presented by the head of the national team Thorir Hergeirsson. 16 girls were taken to the championship.

For the first time in 20 years, however, no space was found for Larvik players on the Norwegian championship team.

The newspaper has rights to the elite series in handball for women and men. Here you can see what matches we show (NA +)

The last time this happened was in 1998. Legendary Larvik Tonje Larsen was right in the squad, but Larsen played that year for Danish Viborg.

The Norwegian club, which has dominated in Norway in recent years, also has no other national team players in the championship. This is the first time since the club was founded in 1990.

Loop back

Emilie Christensen was the only Larvik player in Norway's dirty body, but she did not get a place in the final squad.

Heidi Løke has played many seasons at Larvik and won the Champions League with the club. Løke also returned to Larvik after the current season. Veterans play today for Storhamar.

– Yes, no, what should I say about this? At least there are Larvik players who will come in the squad, then, Løke says to Nettavisen and targets himself.

TIME SPEAKING OLD IN LARVIK: Heidi Løke has played many seasons for Larvik and returned to the club next year.

Vidar Ruud
NTB scanpix

Løke believes it's more important to talk about players in the squad than those who don't exist but shows that Larvik as a club has had a major influence on this year's EM squad and a number of players who have been taken out have been to the Westfold Club at some point in their careers .

– Natural development

Apart from Heidi Løke, Linn Jørum Sulland, Thea Mørk, Amanda Kurtovic, and Sanna Solberg have played at Larvik in recent years.

Where Larvik previously dominated Norway, now Våg Viper from Kristiansand has taken over part of the hegemony.

The club, which went to the top of the elite series last season, broke the Larvik series with 13 straight championships, having six players in the squad.

Katrine Lunde, Emile Hegh Arntzen, Henny Reistad, Linn Jørum Sulland, Marta Tomac and Malin Aune today played all Våg Viper.

"This shows that the hegemony has moved from all south of Vestfold to the south of Agder, and that is a natural part of development," said long hand handball TV handball specialist Bent Svele told Nettavisen.

– Våg Vipers has good players who play in the best clubs in Norway. They have the best prerequisites for now and then it is natural that it will happen.

– Always an important factor

This is the national team coach Thorir Hergeirsson, and his team of coaches who have taken troops and Iceland are confident that Larvik will return strong in the coming years. He likes club development.

The newspaper has rights to the elite series in handball for women and men. Here you can see what matches we show (NA +)

– At present, there is no one from Larvik, but we have some reserves from there. "They have a young and promising team, and there are many of them who will knock in the future," Hergeirsson told Nettavisen.

"During this time I worked with the national team, both in the team with Marit Breivik and as the main manager, Larvik has been an important factor for the national team. Always the top clubs in terms of the national team," said the coach.

– Great faith at Larvik

Hergeirsson thinks Larvik can only feel a little patience.

NOW FROM LARVIK: Landscaping Director Thorir Hergeirsson did not find a player from Larvik in his EM squad.

Vidar Ruud
NTB scanpix

"I really believe what they are doing. They are building a new team and now it's just patience for Larvik City and the people there. It took some time to build a new team, but I think they can come back.

– Clubs and country teams go hand in hand. Larvik always has a brown flag, and always has ambitions, they will reach far. The same is true for Våg Viper now, and so also more and more are coming afterwards. That's positive. We need more clubs with ambition. The national team needs ambition, said Hergeirsson.

This is taken from the squad:

Katrine Lunde
Silje Solberg

outfield player:
Veronica Kristiansen
Stine Bredal Oftedal
Amanda Kurtovic
Emilie Hegh Arntzen
Linn Jørum Sulland
Henny Reistad
Marta Tomac
Heidi Løke
Vilde Ingstad
Sanna Solberg
Thea dark
Marit Røsberg Jacobsen
Malin Aune
Kari Brattset

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