Grandma Defender: There are no guests on the second floor who hear the fire alarm


In 2017: VG met with former hotel director Torfinn Johansen for an interview in September 2017, after the murder was known.
In 2017: VG met with former hotel director Torfinn Johansen for an interview in September 2017, after the murder was known. Photo: Helge Mikalsen


CRISTIANSAND (VG) The night before Øystein Hagel Pedersen (66) was found dead in room 221 at First Hotel, the fire alarm went to the hotel. None of the guests on the same floor should hear an alarm call.


Just before midnight on April 5, 2014, a fire alarm went to First Hotel on Kristiansand. The next day, Øystein Hagel Pedersen was found dead with his head bowed on a pillow in room 221.

These days, a former assistant, 43-year-old grandson, is accused of killing him with poisoning or suffocation. He was also accused of killing his father in 20002. He denied the sentence and would not explain it to the court.

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Today, the former hotel director at First Hotel witnessed the Kristiansand district court. Torfinn Johansen is a personal friend with Hagel Pedersen. He also allows friends to stay free at the hotel.

Found Hagel Pedersen

Johansen described it as a terrible experience to find the death of Hagel Pedersen in a hotel room.

– I respond to all tablets at the table. Will he commit suicide? We don't think we are there, we think it's weird. That might not be natural death, "said Johansen, who at the same time knew that Hagel Pedersen had long been depressed because of relations with women accused now and because of the war against child welfare.

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The hotel manager is also at the hotel when the fire alarm goes away. He said that guests from discos and hotels were evacuated. Guests gather at the reception, according to the hotel director.

– Fire alarms are something you hear everywhere, heard outside the hotel too. It's an old hotel, but we have a view and often control a fire warning system, which is demanded by the fire department, "Johansen said in court.

"Are there clocks on each floor," asked actor Leif Aleksandersen.

– Watches are everywhere. All rooms must be heard, answer the hotel manager.

He said that he replied that the accused woman came to the reception when the fire alarm went away but he did not see Hagel Pedersen.

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– I saw him there. I know Øystein lives there. I remember looking at him and saying, "What are you doing here?" I don't like it. Øystein explained to me how he was treated by him. I refused Øystein to take him. "You are very welcomed, but not him," said Johansen, who said there were no records of guests after the fire alarm sounded.

– Guests do not hear an alarm

The seven-year-old defender, Olav Sylte, reported that the police had questioned more than ten guests living on the same floor as Hagel Pedersen. Nobody should have heard the fire alarm, according to the defense.

– Have you talked to people who live on the second floor? Hearing if they heard a fire alarm, Sylte asked.

– No, I haven't. We knew that the fire alarm was functioning, Johansen answered.

Sylte reports that second level fire bells are exchanged after death.

– When you say that the fire alarm is not functioning on the second floor, I can say that it is not true. But there is one hour on the second floor that can be out of control, I don't know anything about it, "Johansen said.

He replied that if there were no guests hearing the fire alarm, they would have slept very well or had a lot of "good on the glass".

"I killed my father"

Johansen also explained that he had heard that the accused woman should have told Hagel Pedersen that, "I killed my father and I will kill you too." The woman refused to pay a penalty.

Johansen described that the defendant and Hagel Pedersen lived in a conflict relationship and that the defendant would seize his credit card several times.

– I told him that "I don't understand why you are dealing with him. Time for your time is being used by him," Johansen explained.

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