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Google with important incognito news – ITavisenITavisen

Websites can no longer do this.

In today's version of Chrome, websites have the ability to check whether visitors have activated incognito mode.

However, starting with Chrome 76, the web page will not be able to check whether FileSystem API is available. When a website loses this opportunity, it means that it is impossible to determine whether the user has an active incognito mode or not.

«The FileSystem API behavior is modified to remove the Incognito mode detection method", Google wrote in a blog post.

The number of free items is limited

These changes can cause problems for many websites, especially online newspapers that limit how many articles you can read for free.

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Because after reading a number of free articles in these newspapers (and some others) you will be notified to subscribe to unlimited access. It also doesn't help using incognito mode because the webpage can detect this.

Challenges for many newspapers

When the opportunity disappears, it means you can really cross the line and access more articles.

How is the publication to overcome these emerging challenges, and if possible, remains to be seen.

Chrome 76 was launched at the end of July but is available for beta testers.


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