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"Christmas at ActionFrank" – "Farmen" -Karianne is the female vocalist behind the Leek Christmas song

Today, Frank Løke (38), with the help of several reality stars, released "Christmas at ActionFrank" and released the same music video. Whether this is the material for the peace of Christmas falls, remains to be seen.

People who may not be invited to this year's Christmas Eve party, however, are Dagbladet Øyvind Rønning. In his review, he described the release as "very embarrassing", and topped the slap enerily at the dice.

But Løke doesn't sing alone, and according to Rønning, this is "probably the best of this song." Songwriters include producer Henning Hoel Eriksen and Eirik Støylen, while Løke has been on the text page.

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Agreement is broken

So we are left with the mystery of Christmas that was never mentioned – who is the female vocalist?

The question must be valid. Planning "Christmas at ActionFrank" in the search box on Google is the first "singing" suggestion. The starting point for the song is a female singer – who else boasted of her vocal appearance in Dagbladet's review – must remain anonymous. What are called «ghost artists».

However, it is not difficult to find out who they are. Di Tidal, black and white: Karianne Sissener Amundsen (27) – famous for his participation in "Farmen" this year.

And thus, the cat came out of the bag – though it was rather reluctant.

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GIKK SKEIS: Karianne Amundsen wants to build an artist's career. He has so far been famous for his participation in
SKEIS GICK: Karianne Amundsen wants to build an artist's career. He has so far been famous for his participation in "Farmen" this year. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2
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"I was offered a songwriter for a fun project, and saw this as a fun challenge. Actually, it never meant that I would contribute very much vocal, but they needed a female vocalist and when we sat in the studio, I took the assignment as ghost artists to help solve everything, Amundsen told Se og Hør.

– Why do you accept this, but at the same time want full anonymity?

"I will challenge myself as a musician, and this is a genre that I have never experienced before.

– Usually I do really different types of music. When I operate in other genres – melodic fishpop and in the melancholic landscape, I don't want to confuse my audience with naming, said 27 years old who recently released the single "Symbol".

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– noise level

Somewhere on the road, Christmas gifts for people have knots on the gift ribbon. As mentioned above, the name Amundsen found a way to Tidal and the release of the 38-year-old player. He is also registered as a songwriter.

– Are you satisfied with the final results of the song?

– We have several songwriters in this process. Everyone had heard their voices, and maybe I was the one who had chased the noise level with a little hacking. For genres that will, I think let's draw. In this way, we have achieved our own goals.

«This is not music that deserves six dice.»
Karianne Sissener Amundsen, vocalist at "Christmas at ActionFrank"

Amundsen once again stressed that he had never hoped that his name would be attached to the release. And about Rønning's review, he has the following to say:

– I haven't read it yet, but this is not music that deserves six dice. That's just fun, he said.

The case happened below:

GIVE LIGHT: When Frank Løke, on September 15, threw clothes at the parquet "Should we dance" and stood in sparkling Borat red clothes, thousands of people responded. Now he comes with the answer to music for everyone when he now debuts as an artist with the song "Action Frank". Reporter: Julie Solberg. Video: Thomas Carlsen. Cut: Ørjan Ryland / Dag …
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– really inexperienced

In front of Look and Listen, Frank Løke explained that the homeless person was immersed in an inexperienced experience.

"Of course, it's a pity that this is a joy when Karianne's desire is to become a" ghost singer. "When we educate who has a different role in the song, because of royalty (compensation for use, journ. Madam), I do not know that the information will also be available to the public.

"It is very important to me that his wishes will be fulfilled, but I am truly inexperienced in this field, and unfortunately, that is wrong," Løke said, stressing that it was an honest mistake.

The 38-year-old player now hopes that the shoes don't have consistency for Amundsen. One thing the reviewer Dagbladet and Løke could say agreed: Amundsen did vocals well.

– He inspired us and brought so much positivity and smile to the song. I just joked when he sang really well. I don't think this will be negative for him. Karianne shows that she is very versatile and she has a very beautiful voice. I have an extraordinary sense of voice.

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