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BUTTON: Karsten Warholm set a European record yesterday in London. Photo: John Walton / PA Wire

LONDON (VG) Karsten Warholm (23) was destroyed in a sprint by 23-year-old rival Abderrahman Samba. Now there are super finishes that lift Norwegians into the fastest breeders in the world.

Because especially the difference between the last hundred meters of the race made Warholm more than half a second better than last year. It told coach Leif Olav Alnes after Warholm lowered European records in his second successive race. 47.12 was only 34/100 behind the world record after two "hedging missions" along the way.

– This "fitness level" has increased. Last year he could press eight hedges or around 300 meters. This year he continued to advance, Alnes told VG.

With a record run on Saturday, Warholm not only scored a European record twice in a row. He is now the fastest in the world after running three races this year. All races show the same pattern.

– We have focused on maintaining distance in training. We saw that that was what he had defeated last year. Samba runs faster than eight hedges and enters. It will be interesting to see how this was revealed this year, Alnes said, knowing that Warholm had not met his biggest rival this season.

Star runner Abderrahman Samba from Qatar has struggled with acne infections this summer and has had to cancel the duel at Bislett Games, where Warholm ran at 47.33. They also did not meet in London because Samba instead registered for 400 meters Sunday.

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Warholm returns after a competition break: – Strike at Samba

Warholm now sees that it may take up to a world record to win World Cup gold, after the three best runners (Rai Benjamin's American race at 47.02 years ago) in the world are now all in the top seven knit runners of all time.

The best times to hedge 400 meters:

– Maybe it's almost there. There are three very good people and the best is at home. Others will do everything to be fit in Doha. And when three of the best barkers were together, it could be completely turned, said Warholm.

IN FJOR: Karsten Warholm was kept away by Samba last year. Now he is the fastest in the world two months before the World Cup. Photo: ALAIN GROSCLAUDE / AFP

Warholm had been training very hard during the five-week competition break and Alnes said that the farmer had only been calm in the past few days. He explained that training sessions that ranged up to six hours had also been marked by harder training this year. As such, the pressure is now fully stored.

– We have done it. Alnes is a man who is wiser than most people think, and seems a bit like a clown and it might be difficult for someone to take it seriously. I consider it more serious than others. Every time he spoke, I tipped my ear. Because there are some very wise words, said Warholm.

Warholm knows after a record race, where he defeated his rivals, that he has "many" to advance to the World Cup, after two hedging missions along the way if it costs ten tenths.

And still the plan is that there will not be many races also moving forward to the World Cup, even though the plan is not fully set. First, NM waits in two weeks. That's also because the World Cup runs one and a half months later than usual so he only runs three races in seven weeks so far this season.

– We try to make sure that it gets the best there. You have no guarantee. At the same time I think we see that we are doing the right thing. It's getting better and better for each race while there are things to improve, "Warholm said.

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