Anders Bastiansen handles the hockey national team: – Has become the soul of the team


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The era is against one of the Norwegian hockey veterans. Now there are no national teams playing at Anders Bastiansen (38).


"Basse" has become the soul of the Norwegian national team. He has become a national team for. An honest and serious person who always says what he means, "said the former national team crew Ole-Kristian Tollefsen to VG.

Since 1997, Anders Bastiansen has been accustomed to every year claiming the Norwegian national team faces an old and A-national team to Norway.

However, after more than 110 matches for "the best Norwegian man" this ended.

"I thought it would be more fun in May than now, when I wasn't in the World Cup," Anders Bastiansen told VG.

"I will miss the environment and be very good this year.

The entire World Cup was there while attending the Olympics in Vancouver, Sochi and Pyeongchang.

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Many experienced

– The biggest memory possible victory over the Czech Republic in 2010. This was the first time I changed a very large one. simultaneously is an OL qualification at home, in Jordal, it's very big to win.

The 38-year-old who is currently playing the Geta league for Inventor Frisk went to Sweden in early 2004 (2004) and played eleven seasons at Allsvenskan and Eliteserien (SHL) before completing a foreign adventure in Austria Graz in the 14-15 season.

Bastiansen was awarded "Gullpucken" in 2007 and 2011. This is the award given to this year's ice hockey players in Norway.

"There are some good young players from now on which I think will get a chance. I have been a long time and have considered ending for years. Now I realize that it's time to end.

OL last and World Cup in Denmark in May the last tournament became a flag on the chest. Here you can see him scoring against Germany:

At present, Asker's profile continues at club level.

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"There are many things that are combined with work and family life. But the body feels fine. Landslagsopphold has given a shorter time for summer training. Now, a longer rest can help me keep going, maybe.

– Legend

For Ole-Kristian Tollefsen, it is remarkable to think that Bastiansen gave up. The 34-year-old player who had to put shoes on the shelf because of a concussion last year had been a teammate with "Basse" for years.

"It's very bad to think that he won't join. I don't know where to start, Tollefsen said.

He was next to the national team, his team mate with Bastiansen in Sweden Färjestad. They have tied a close relationship.

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– He is truly a legend. He never thanked him, always posed and was proud of it.

– This is the type that is very difficult to replace.

The protagonist himself has great faith in the future, and

– Those are good words to hear. He said a lot about a good environment found in hockey in Norway, concluding "Basse".

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