Monday , July 26 2021

West Sydney Teen Auctions Virginity To Pay For Union Fees

In a move that has surprised many people online, a young west Sydney woman has created a website where she auctioned off her virginity to the highest bidder.

18-year-old girl from Penrith, calling himself Siena Payton, said he was inspired after reading about & # 39; virginity auctions & # 39; others in the media.

Ms. Payton, who was recently complete the HSC to the Australian Daily Mail:

"I've read it online and how all these different girls sell their virginity for millions of dollars and I always think it's an interesting concept."

"My friends also mentioned it, they were very supportive of that idea."


Ms Payton said she was recently offers a place to study software engineering at the University of Sydney and will use the money he makes to finance his education.

& # 39; You know, this is a big opportunity for me, I want to continue my study, & # 39;

"Being able to have extra money to help me and encourage me, not only for my education but also I want to travel too," said Ms Payton.

& # 39; Able to share money for traveling and education because it's so young I can travel now with money and later I have to focus on other things like my career, so I will have that opportunity. & # 39;

Ms. Payton launched the site & # 39; her virginity auction & # 39; in early November.

"I got a bid for $ 1000, I thought I got another offer (for $ 10,000) but he never answered me, so I guess he just sucks me," he said.

"I got two more offers, one for $ 30,000 and one for $ 15,000, which also told me that he was very interested and asked not to use protection during the deed."

Alnya Ideally it's $ 100,000. If I approach that place it is perfect for me. I'm not strict in terms of numbers, & # 39; said Ms. Payton.


"I will get to know that person, I will video call with them, send a message with them," he said.

& # 39; For me it's more about personality, appearance isn't very important to me. As long as I know the person and the type of person, that's good. & # 39;

"For me (virginity) it's not a big problem, I know to others (that), they wait until marriage or they wait until they find someone they think is perfect for them," he said.

& # 39; Many people like to label women specifically. Women can read books, women can do different things and that includes enjoying sex too, "he said.

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