Saturday , April 17 2021

The driver was fined for using a whip

The winning driver Natalie Rasmussen was fined $ 2500 and handed over a two-week suspension due to the use of excessive whips at Thefixer near the completion of the $ 800,000 New Zealand Tranding Cup.

Not only Rasmussen, but Sydneyinsman Todd McCarthy at Tara Tiger runner also fell foul of the designated guide and was hit with a $ 1000 fine for the same offense at Addington in Christchurch.

Correctional chief officer Nick Ydgren insisted the two drivers exceeded the permitted limit of 10 strikes in the last 400m: McCarthy with 13 and Rasmussen with 12. Both drivers admitted violations of rule 896 (2).

Ydgren said Rasmussen received a higher sentence for two violations of the previous whip rules. He was fined $ 300 after the Kaikoura meeting on October 29 and $ 1,000 in Addington on November 2.

Thefixer, trained by Rasmussen and Mark Purdon, was won by the head to get a prize of $ 415,685 for the owner.

Tiger Tara holds the third position of Dream About Me in half length.

Rasmussen was allowed to drive at Friday's Performance Day meeting at Addington then will be postponed until after the race on November 30, which takes in three race meetings.

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