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Six airports have greatly improved (and three have not)

OPINION: Some airports have been completely repaired. Some are always good and now bigger.

Some of the former hell holes that are now much better they cannot be recognized for those who have never visited.

If you fly through one of these hubs in the near future, you will get a pleasant surprise.

The & # 39; Rodeo Drive & # 39; LAX - Tom Bradley International Airport.


The & # 39; Rodeo Drive & # 39; LAX – Tom Bradley International Airport.


Historically this is one of my favorite airports in the world – but I have to admit, it's getting better. Much better. More than US $ 515 million (NZ $ 773 million) has been spent on upgrading LAX, which includes the creation of the Tom Bradley International terminal, stunning new facilities with great restaurants, modern facilities, good shops, enhanced security checkpoints and automatic baggage checks.

This went smoothly. It's fun to visit. Now to take the rest of the airport on track …

Changi Airport, Singapore, has exceptional facilities, including a rooftop swimming pool, cinema, indoor garden, and four-story slides.


Changi Airport, Singapore, has exceptional facilities, including a rooftop swimming pool, cinema, indoor garden, and four-story slides.

Singapore Changi

Going to show that the airport doesn't need to suck to be upgraded, I dedicate it to you, Singapore Changi, the best airport in the world, which just got better. Last year saw the opening of Terminal 4, passenger facilities covering 27 football fields featuring "heritage centers", as well as 62 new shops and 19 restaurants.

But, of course, this is Changi, so much more on the road: the Jewel project, a multi-use facility that connects three terminals and features the world's largest indoor waterfall, entire rainforest, hedge labyrinth, and retail mall with 280 shops . It will open next year.

KLIA2, the largest cost-effective transport terminal in the world.


KLIA2, the largest cost-effective transport terminal in the world.


If you remember the bad past of "LCCT", the Low Cost Terminal Operator Kuala Lumpur, where cheap airplanes lower you in a place that is basically a glorified cow stable, then you will rejoice when you see KLIA2, the world of transport terminals at the biggest destination .

This spacious room isn't too fancy – and why should it be? – but this is a big improvement in the old facilities, and that makes the usual long stay here hold. It is also directly connected to KL Sentral station by high-speed train.

New Istanbul Airport has just opened.


New Istanbul Airport has just opened.

Istanbul Ataturk

The most improved thing about the famous Ataturk Airport is the fact that you no longer have to fly to or exit Ataturk Airport. Istanbul's main hub has been replaced by an all-singing, all-dancing new facility called Istanbul New Airport, which started limited operations a few days ago, and will run well from the beginning of next year.

The new airport is one of the largest in the world, and will take the "IST" code from Ataturk in 2019. If you fly through Turkey, prepare a much more comfortable experience.

Nadi, Fiji

Pulse was the worst. It has a narrow space with almost no seating, some very average takeaway food joints, some tiny souvenir shops, and it's entrance. AC often does not function properly. It was a blessing to get out of there and into a long metal tube.

This year, however, the airport launched FJ $ 129 million (NZ $ 91 million) repairs, new international facilities with much higher ceilings, more waiting rooms, improved food choices, additional luggage carousel, and air conditioning systems the new one. Fun day.

Futuristic ceiling in Rome Fiumicino.


Futuristic ceiling in Rome Fiumicino.

Roma Fiumicino

Rome's main airport used to be similar to most of Rome itself: dilapidated, even without the charm of the old city.

Last year, however, this airport opened a sparkling new international departure area with modern furniture (some truly comfortable), luxury shops and restaurants that reflected the gastronomic tradition of this amazing city, with pizza and pasta that you would be right really want to eat, and even Ajisen ramen shop. Molto bene.


Repairs that are on their way


LaGuardia New York, aka the Worst Airport in the World, is currently undergoing major repairs, complete reconstruction that will cost more than US $ 2.4 billion, and hopefully will make it at least not terrible.

Beijing Daxing

Beijing's new airport will open next year and will feature one of the largest passenger terminals in the world. If you fly China Eastern or China Southern, please contact via here.

Berlin Brandenburg

Berlin: big city, terrible airport. Tegel and Schonefeld are famous for being old and tired; However, in 2021 the city will have new facilities, Brandenburg, a multi-billion-euro airport adjacent to Schonefeld.

Long Tanh International

Ho Chi Minh City finally got a new airport: Long Tanh, which will be located 40 kilometers east of the city and will open in 2025.


Airports that really can use some improvements

Dubai International Airport

Given how wonderful Emirates airlines are, and how obsessed Dubai is with having the biggest and best of all, you would expect this city airport to be top class. However, it was not.

Suvarnabhumi is the largest airport in Thailand.


Suvarnabhumi is the largest airport in Thailand.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

This is a big airport and very busy – too busy, actually. Suvarnabhumi has been operating above capacity for many years now, but still lacks simple services such as food and beverage outlets.

London Stansted

Still not sure how Stansted escaped by calling himself a London airport, given its location nearly 30 kilometers north of M25, the main ring road of the British capital. You almost need another flight to reach your destination.

In your opinion, what is the best airport in the world? Does anyone think you need a big improvement?

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