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Season '5 PUBG' will have goods and weapons that can be thrown away

You can also throw items to your teammates. It should be useful when you are in the middle of a crossfire and you are out of ammunition or health. You can request certain items using a communication system, and your teammates can send them at the touch of an interaction button.

Also, you will have the option to throw melee weapons at enemies. What is truly most interesting about it is the prospect of taking a murder through the thrown frying pan. It has a shorter maximum range than weapons that can be thrown away, but can actually cause more damage than machetes, crowbars or sickles. Ouch.

Also new with the season 5 update is the vending machine, which is the case PUBG take leaves from trees Fortnite guide book. They will provide painkillers and energy drinks, and will be available at Miramar and Camp Jackal.

PUBG Corp is planning a refresher on the Miramar map this time, after that gives Erangel a check in season 4. Miramar will feature a race track with loops, ramps and jumps, along with a new car, Gold Mirado. There will be less chaos in and around buildings, while spawn rates for weapons and long range coverage will increase, as is the case for helmets, bags and vests. Meanwhile, along with higher spawn rates, Win94 will have a 2.7x built-in scope even though the weapon will be exclusive to Miramar. You might see fewer pistols on the map in the future, because PUBG Corp has reduced the weapon drop rate by 31 percent.

There is a new congratulations pass, of course, along with community missions that can be followed by everyone. Strangely, this involves collecting DVDs and broken discs from cardboard boxes to open leather presents along with more details about game knowledge. You will have access to challenges, developments, and season missions as well.

You can expect some UI changes in the wardrobe, shop and in the game, along with sound and performance updates. PUBG Corp will add more options to Zombie Mode, along with ground respawn for war mode (instead of getting off the plane), bug fixes and system tweaks.

What can you try PUBG season 5 is already on the PC test server. Update 5.1 will hit PC server directly October 23 and console October 29.

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