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Review of V Battlefield

One year ago, an amazing game, Star Wars Battlefront II, launched into the death star controversy because EA's push for what is right is called a pay-to-win model. The kick was so severe that it had the positive effect of encouraging publishers to change the economy of the game, but it also had a negative effect to make people question what would happen next in DICE battlefield game. One year later, Battlefield V was launched without this problem, and although it introduced several new problems caused by publishers, this ultimately failed to take too much of the brilliant first person shooter experience from the multiplayer maestro.

11/08/2018 - Carousel

Battlefield VThe main title during the summer is that the season is dead. From the ashes, there will be a game service model where free content will often be released to all players so as not to dissolve the game community by dividing several maps and modes as exclusively paid. This new model is new for battlefield, because it is very popular in the game now, but because this is new to the old DICE series, what distance can the player expect from the launch and what they really feel feels wider. The main content update for the game starts soon after just two weeks from now, but with so many features of the game marquee that hasn't come for several months, the new game service model will make early users feel like they are shorted.

Firestorm battle royals won't come until March, and online game co-op mode is still a few months away. Heck, even Shooting Range and Rush mode, staples from the series, are not yet available. The absence of Rush feels very confusing because, along with Conquest, this is one of the most played and most respected modes in this series. Other new modes take their place, but they don't have a Rush scale. Even the Grand Operations game mode, as interesting as trying to unite a war narrative for several days in the game, failed to fill in the big shoes of Rush mode. They are playing battlefield at launch it is likely the biggest fan, so there is no Rush that is difficult to justify. Because of this, many players might find ways to forgive the studio even though it's a practice they don't want to repeat, because what is at launch is another example of how good DICE is in their work.

Eight new maps bring players around the world in what is just the latest audiovisual spectacle from the Swedish development house. The Frostbite machine has been criticized for betraying other genres, but it is clearly very suitable for first person shooters. Battlefield V pretty good at the start of the round when pure maps and the whole world around my players are in themselves with more than the famous environment that was damaged in the series. It might be easy to feel spoiled as a gamer today when photorealism is very abundant but what is more impressive is Battlefield Vaudio design, which once again sets the bar for all competitors. Play battlefield with headphones on unlike other military shooters on the market because every major and small detail is mixed so amazingly and the experience is so deep and even intimidating at the right time.

The battlefield always looks beautiful, but it sounds better.The battlefield always looks beautiful, but it sounds better.

Changes to squads and roles make this year's match more demanding and useful than before. battlefield always want you to play with your teammates in mind, but now you basically ask for defeat if you don't play as a close team. Ammunition is rare when loaded, so Support players must often resend teammates. The same applies to Doctors who now have to issue first aid kits to teammates regularly because there is an active healing system built on a slower automatic healing system.

New fortification capabilities mean that you can build several defenses far into the round when the battle has destroyed what was once a shelter and a pit. Each class can build this fortress, but player support builds it faster, just as now anyone can revive his teammate but the Medics do it in half the time. You can also adjust your weapon with a small but helpful skill tree that allows you to choose where your strengths and weaknesses will be. This touch is further to reward players in a way that DICE is always great at delivering; each role feels relevant and useful. This is probably the only FPS console that allows you to never register a kill and still feel like you have done many things to help your team win.

Because the pay-to-win model has disappeared, what replaces it is the always popular paid cosmetics. Every player now has a Company in the menu, which is basically a line of all your soldiers and vehicles. This game encourages you to adjust each of them, which for some players will be an expensive proposition. You can get in-game credit to spend without ever giving up real-life money, and even though the store's presence will disappoint some players, it seems this is the cost of doing business today in AAA games. If the end result is free post-launch content for all, paid for by players in the deepest pocket community, it is the best trade to do.

If played from left to right on the menu, the quality of the War Story rises from the worst to the best.If played from left to right on the menu, the quality of the War Story rises from the worst to the best.

Beyond multiplayer, serial & # 39; Single Story & # 39; Player campaigns return in a similar form, sketching different soldiers from all over the world, not from a campaign centered on the do-it-all hero. This approach is largely functional again, especially since the last story is very easy to remember, but only one of three is launched, compared to five in it Battlefield 1 on the launch day, even here it feels like something is missing. The fourth War Story arrived in early December, at least, and there is always a point where everything post-launch will be free, so it becomes a matter of perspective it seems.

Maybe in time, our minds will learn to accept less now as a substitute later for free. Maybe we should feel that way. Maybe you shouldn't. It's hard to say, and how you feel about it will determine whether you have to play Battlefield V immediately or wait a few months, but it's clear today that DICE has created another winner. If you will wait to play it later, there is no reason to expect the upcoming additions to not be great. All Battlefield VIts strength is owned by DICE and some of its mistakes are clearly a publisher's decision.

The list of achievements is quite short for this stature game. Only 21 locks stand between players and settlement, and many of them won't take too much extra work. If you play as all classes and perform their special abilities, beat the story mode on the most difficult difficulties, and pursue a number of other specific multiplayer milestones, you will get 100% relatively easy compared to working large video games usually demands. For tips on how to become a better soldier and get a solution, see our beginner's guide.

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Hopefully now it's clear the puzzle is being faced with this year battlefield. At launch, there are undeniably some major components, but what still exists is so good that some players might not care. It feels like everything Battlefield V get the right thing is to do DICE and what goes wrong comes the publisher's mandate. At best this is the new reality of the game service model. At worst EA rushed the game out in time for the holidays. Fortunately, even though some features clearly don't exist, there is nothing else in them Battlefield V feels rushed. This is a subtle experience, offering other audiovisual master classes, and regularly providing a real sense of spectacle in a way that other console shooters cannot match.

Battlefield V


  • New additions to the squad and roles make the game deeper and more customizable than before
  • Beautiful visuals and truly unmatched audio design
  • DICE once again has a deep understanding of pacing, balancing, and large-scale warfare


  • The game service model makes this entry feel less frequent than usual on the first day

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