Wednesday , January 27 2021

None of you will exist if it's not in our body, Twinkle Khanna said

Twinkle Khanna feels that boys in patriarchal societies, like ourselves, need to be educated about menstruation. Open discussion will only help create awareness and dispel myths.

Twinkle has joined hands with Save the Children as ambassador. This organization works to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene, children's health and education. And now found an ambassador at Twinkle Khanna.

Present at the press conference, Twinkle talked about doing something good for the community by giving back. He felt it was an act of giving back to the people that distinguishes us from animals.

The author remembers how he began writing the story of Padman, six years ago. Akshay Starrer makes it a little easier for women and girls to discuss their menstrual problems. "I also hesitate to discuss it (menstruation). But since I read the Arunachalm Murugunatham story, I decided to discuss it on celluloid. I feel there is no need to be taboo if we want to talk about it. It's a shame that a little girl from Chennai jumped from her balcony, after showing her uniform because of this biological problem. He gave up his life because he was reprimanded by his teacher. Also, bearings must be sold at a lower cost. The government has advanced and made sanitary napkins available at the train station. So the Padman film, at least, helps bring some changes in our society, which is a good thing. "

Adding further he said, "Being related to this organization, the main thing I want to do is strengthen the voices of these children. If my voice can reach a little further and bring change, it will be great. "

Speaking of menstrual taboos, he added, "We need to create awareness about natural phenomena experienced by every woman. Together with these girls and boys from the Save the Children organization, I will also try my best to spread their goals. I feel, we as humans, because we get so much from society, we have to return it. And we don't do it by being first. Usually, we always wait for others to be first, which should not be the case. "

All praise for children, Twinkle said, "I see all these children with extraordinary energy, full of confidence. They have determination and are not filled with cynicism that we have adults. If their mindsets change in their teens, they will bring change to a better world. "

Regarding the influence of cinema, he stated, "There are many films made with different social messages, and I believe cinema is a media that can bring great change. In addition, viewers today are open to such films and they look forward to social change. We need to make more films with social messages. This industry has a good attitude and promotes more causes through films. "

Finally, Twinkle feels that considering menstruation to be profane or unclean is nonsense. "None of you will exist if it's not in our body."

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