Howard Has Revenge on Sheldon for Season 7 Events


Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) finally takes revenge on Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), even accidentally doing it, in Big Bang Theory episode. In general, Sheldon is not really known for treating others well. He tends to underestimate his colleagues, bully his friends, and even his own wife. In short, he can make traveling with him very difficult. But he never treated people worse than Howard.

Sheldon's persecution of Howard has been going on for years. While he was operating on the idea that he was intellectually superior to others in his life, he was happy to double that when he came to Howard – the only one from a boy without a PhD. Although he may not have risen to the same academic level from some of his colleagues, in terms of actual achievement he is truly the only one who has a solid resume, after working on the international space station. Of course, he earns less than Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), but at this point, he is also the only group member who has a good job and life balance.

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Despite all this, Sheldon likes to taunt Howard every chance he gets. Inciting incidents from season 7 don't really start on purpose. Back in season 7 & # 39; The Thanksgiving Decoupling, Bernadette's father, Mike (Casey Sander), spent Thanksgiving with a gang at Mrs.'s house. Wolowitz. Because he could never relate to each other, Howard made a conscious effort to bond with his father. Since Howard grew up without a father, he did not really know about ordinary activities and things usually done by fathers and sons. No wonder the plan quickly went south after he struggled to understand soccer – something Mike really liked.

To make matters worse, Sheldon (who had given Howard a hard time in all episodes) was easily connected with Mike, raised with his father who is also a soccer coach. It was pure coincidence, but it did not help Sheldon and even Mike began to make fun of not only Howard, but also his mother. Bernie and Amy (Mayim Bialik) finally intervened to punish drunk couples, forcing them to apologize for their inappropriate behavior.

The incident has since been forgotten and linked as one of a number of Sheldon and Howard clashes. That, however, was revived in this week's episode Big Bang Theory, titled & # 39; The Consummation Deviation & # 39 ;, when it was Sheldon's turn to kiss with his new father-in-law, Larry Fowler (Teller). Sheldon plans to butter Larry before trying to charmAmy's mother, Mrs. Fowler (Kathy Bates), which is far more frightening. But as expected, Sheldon (who doesn't know social cues) didn't realize patriarch Fowler was miserable all the time he was with him until the two found Howard at the comic book store. There, Howard easily won Larry with one magic trick – obviously a meta-joke, given the roots of the magician Teller.

Throughout the entire episode, Larry continued to undermine Howard to teach him about his path, really wanting to learn how he did it, until Sheldon's interference. Only a few episodes ago, in & # 39; Perturbaan Imajinasi & # 39 ;, Sheldon mocked Howard's magic tricks and said that no one was interested in them – words that had now returned to bite. In the end, Sheldon chose to go to his mother-in-law in an attempt to bond with him. There, the plan was more useful when he and Mrs. Fowler quickly completed a relaxed relationship. But with Amy who now seems to be planning to spend more time with her parents moving forward, it will be interesting to see whether Sheldon and Larry will be tied to each other.

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