Monday , July 26 2021

Homeless man & # 39; destroyed & # 39; after yob urinating on everything he owned

A homeless man was devastated after finding someone urinating in his sleeping bag and all of his belongings he left at the shop door.

The people who live in the Bournemouth city of Christchurch, Dorset, say that the disgusting unreasonable attack & # 39;

The man – who asked not to be named – had been in the soup kitchen when he returned to his place in the doorway of the ShoeZone high shoe store to find everything he had soaked.

The man then left a message to thank anyone who had destroyed his property (Photo: Wessex News)

Zoe Haine, who runs the Christchurch Soup Kitchen said: & # 39; It's no exaggeration to say he's broken.

"He thought it was someone who might be in a pub and felt it must be intentional because it was clear what his property was and that they belonged to someone."

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He said the man had tried to choose "hidden place" & # 39; because he was nervous about the attack when he slept and said that after the incident he was now considering retreating to a less visible position.

"There seems to be someone who is not in that situation who doesn't think about what they are doing and I think that is a very sad attitude," Zoe said.

"I know not everyone agrees with street people sleeping and some people think they have to move but is this the thing we want to see?

& # 39; Is this how we want to show our children how to behave? This is very disappointing to see. "

The man had arranged himself for the high road at the door to the ShoeZone shop (Image: Wessex News)

Meeting some members of the homeless community in Dorset, Zoe said that such incidents were not isolated.

"What happened to him was de-humanising," he said. ‘Some people believe that everyone who sleeps on the road is a drug addict or alcoholic.

"There is a narrow minded attitude towards people who have difficulty sleeping, not only in Christchurch but wherever you go."

In 2016, the homeless Crisis social foundation found that one in ten people who slept roughly had experienced urination while on the streets.

It was also found that people who slept well were 17 times more likely to be victims of violence, and 15 times more likely to experience verbal abuse than the general public.

Public kitchens request donations of new sleeping bags, tents and clothes for difficult sleep (Image: Wessex News)

After news of a disgusting attack on the wealth of homeless men spread, locals collected money to buy him new sleeping bags and other substitutes.

Online Explorer-Weel describes responsible people as 'embarrassing'.

Zoe added: "We know that people who do things like this are in a minority and we are always offered help."

The soup kitchen offers service & # 39; wash and exchange & # 39; for sleeping bags people are homeless and they always want to receive new sleeping bags, tents or clothes.

"For reasons that are understandable, most of the people we help are small and often thin," he said.

"We are always looking for trousers or new shirts, shorts and coats."

If you want to donate, visit the soup kitchen website here.

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