BMW tuners unveil ferocious M5 Competition and 8 Series beasts – Previews


We haven't even seen – let alone driven And the nutcases at AC Schnitzer have been laid into it with their angle grinders and canard-filled parts bins.

Ahead of this week's Essen Motor Show, the BMW tuning specialists, but two new performance packages; one for the 8 Series and the other for the M5 sports sedan. One is a design study, the other is very real indeed.

Now, these aren't just ballistic visual kits (although the usage of the word how they look would be justified indeed). In typical AC Schnitzer fashion, the visual aggression on both models has been backed up with some mechanical aggression, too.

For the 8 Series (which abandons some of its more subtle and svelte styling in the pursuit of a wings and vents Guinness World Record), power upgrades come in two forms. Tuned models based off the 4.4-liter bi-turbo V8 M850i ​​x Drive will have their output boosted to 440kW of power and 850Nm of torque.

AC Schnitzer also packages for the 3.0-liter twin-turbo I6 840d x diesel drive variant, which see power and torque increased to a respectable 278kW and 780Nm.

These changes under the bonnet are complemented by bigger zorts out of the back for more audible action, as well as various handling changes. These are kicked off by a new suspension set-up that is the eighth front of the big by 20-25mm and the rear by 10-15mm (creating a bit of rake action, to boot).

All of this is sadly tarred with the 'design study' brush. AC Schnitzer is just probing a market interest with this kit, to see whether it would be a viable product down the road.

The same can't be said for their new M5 package, however.

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The M5 is already a rather quick thing. But, many have pointed out that it's not quite as maniacal and raw as previous variants. This is something AC Schnitzer has tried to change.

It's no surprise therefore to see a power increase. BMW's 4.4-liter V8 has 73kW more power and 100M more torque than standard; making for a total output of 514kW and 850Nm. AC Schnitzer has said that their new M5 will lap Nürburgring Nordschleife in 7min 29.5sec – nine seconds quicker than the regular M5.

Of course, BMW already has a soup version of the M5 themselves called the M5 Competition. It boasts 19kW more power and altered torque curves, among other changes. AC Schnitzer (naturally) are working on an even-more-hardcore package for that M5, too.

Like the Schnity's 8-Series study, the M5 also has other changes on top of engine alterations. Each corner gains a KW V4 coil-over suspension set-up that provides adjustable functionality to drivers hoping to fine-tune the way their M5 rides bumps. AC Schnitzer says they can also help lower the M5 (20-25mm at the front, 10-15mm at the rear of the 8th series above) with their own in-house spring kit.

The partially tackled issue of weight is by the addition of light-weighted forged rims (they're center-locking examples too, so the lads at the track can know you mean business). They're supported by high-performance tires, and the aforementioned carbon-clad body kit.


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