There is no fairy tale marriage for Marly van der Velden


Marly van der Velden said she was angry about Mike. But Good Times, the Bad Times actress didn't dream of a fairy tale marriage. "This is not a necessity for me, when I was young, I didn't really think about it, sometimes children have dreams about what they want to look like on a day like that, but that doesn't happen. , but then GTST's marriage with Bing, so I know how the wedding dress feels. "

However, this is not an option for Marly who is now 30 years old to kneel for her lover, he explained in Privé. "If it came, it must have come from Mike's arm, he didn't want it to be different, he was old-fashioned, and if I asked him, he would say no, I already knew that. Absolutely not."

Married or not, for the life of the Marly family with Mike and his daughter, Sammy Rose and Jackie-Rey already felt complete. But it could be that the third child came. "I don't know, now it's very good with the four of us, but I don't rule out the arrival of the third child, but it's very important that we enjoy each other for a moment, so why not the age difference with the third possibility?"


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