Monday , January 18 2021

The Sinterklaas tour can continue with

The national entry of Sinterklaas can continue on Saturday in accordance with the current plan and does not need to be adjusted. The judge in Haarlem decided that Wednesday. A lawsuit has been filed, with the aim of banning entry.

Racist element

Among other things, the municipality of Zaanstad and the public television station NTR, which broadcast the entry, were prosecuted. The judge indicated that he found the foundation's claim unacceptable, because they had not met important requirements such as consulting with the defendants. Therefore he cannot make substantive judgments about it. But, he added, if he could, he would reject the claim.

The Majority Perspective Foundation has submitted a request that they refrain from "racist stereotypes" from Zwarte Piet in his eyes. "With an explanation, Michael van Zeijl said on behalf of the foundation against Nedelrand's heart that basically they have no problems with Sinterklaas, but with racist entries that will take place on Saturday. "If the inclusion of racist elements is disarmed, we have no problem at all", according to Zeijl.


The sooty vodka that has now replaced Zwarte Pieten is not enough in the eyes of the foundation. With the organization and broadcasting entries, according to them, the Netherlands will violate an international agreement against racism. However, the judge argued that the figure of Zwarte Piet had slowly adapted and that this had already said goodbye to Piet & # 39; Zwarte.

The majority of Perspectives think that those accused of being guilty have failed to comply with laws and international delays. The lawsuit caused much opposition from Piet pro-Zwarte's camp.

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