Schöne was disappointed with the "negativity": "Just happy that the Dutch team was missing & # 39;


Lasse Schöne didn't say much with the statement that Ajax could be heavier in the Champions League. The team from Amsterdam managed to place themselves in a group with Bayern Munich, Benfica and AEK Athens for the next round.

PSV have scored more goals in the Champions League, are general comments. "I think it's nonsense like that, you always have to deal with it, there's always negativity," Schöne said Football Inside.

"For this we have a very difficult group where we are third and we now have a group with Bayern, which is not good, and Benfica, which is just a great team, so you can always hear that it's not too difficult." is. "

"I don't understand that very well, let's be happy that there is a Dutch team that escapes and doesn't say that can be more difficult." Yes, that's possible, but it's also quite difficult. well done. "


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