Saturday , May 8 2021

Rumors from Italy: Ajax is another place Mexico, the delegation took the plane

Ajax has Mexico's Diego Lainez aged eighteen in mind, Tuttomercatoweb reports Monday night. According to the Italian rumors, the club has contacted representatives of the left-wing attackers, who can also play in midfield.

TMW believes that the Amsterdam delegation will travel to Mexico this weekend. It is possible that the Ajax delegation is talking to the current member of the Lainez employer council, Club America. At the top club, 21-year-old defender Edson Alvarez is also bound by a contract, which has recently been linked with Ajax. Whether number two from the Eredivisie want to go for the doubles match is unclear.

Lainez had to celebrate his seventeenth birthday when he made his debut in the first team Club America in March 2017. During his previous international season in September, he made his debut for the national team during a friendly match against Uruguay. During the next exhibition match against the United States, Lainez got into trouble with former Vitesse defender Matt Miazga, who mocked his opponent for being short.

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