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Record the number of penalties for ignoring the Interior red cross

This is indicated by the numbers collected by RWS for De Telegraaf. "And then thinking that this year is not over. It seems that road users are steadfast and continue to consciously ignore the rules to save time," spokesman Diederik Fleuren said.

"Usually a record score is a good fact, but in this case it means a low point. What's more because it's pure measurements taken in the context of road safety and other places."

Increase probability

"This is a pure mistake that needs to be dealt with hard, because it's not for anything whose path with the red cross is closed", Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Authority) responds to the numbers. "You close the line because something is wrong and often allows road supervisors, rescuers or other emergency services to carry out their work safely."

"And that's not always the case, because every year people – or their vehicles – are hit by roadside work, because people violate the prohibition. That's why I also double the number of road supervisors who have the authority to deal with offenders from 50 to 100 . "In this way we increase the risk of getting caught and I also hope for road safety."

Verbal boa

In 2015, a counter official report written by road supervisors still stood at 381 pieces. In the following years, there were around 1,000 fines. Fleuren: "But that's what we really do for now. Because in the last few weeks there have been many incidents where mass bans have been ignored and drivers have taken irresponsible actions to avoid congestion."

According to a RWS spokesperson, traffic is much safer. "Fortunately, the inspector can write verbally as an extraordinary investigator (boa), but violations have been committed. It is precisely our aim to prevent this vulnerability. That is why we inform road users as well as possible about handling incidents."

230 euros

Ignore the red cross standardized by the public prosecutor with a minimum fine of € 230 (€ 240 in 2019). The Public Prosecutor determines the number of penalties when there is a repetition or violation of 'hufterfeiten & # 39; others.

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