Middle rank in the cyclo-cross field in men


Now that the road season is approaching the end and cyclocross is increasingly coming forward, it's bundling Flash Cycling weekly in one overview of the standings in the three most important cross categories: World Cup, Superprestige, and DVV Insurance Cup. In men's Toon Aerts had a good start to the season and Mathieu van der Poel was undefeated.

World Cup
After three rounds at the World Cup, Aerts is a rather surprising leader. The Belgian won two crosses on American soil and also on the podium in Bern. At the cross of the first World Cup where Van der Poel was present, the European champions also went straight to victory. The stage is the same as SP-cross Casting: Van der Poel, Van Aert, Aerts. With his victory, Van der Poel is just not in the top 20, 22.

Stage in Bern – photo: PhotoPress.be

In the stands for the World Cup, the top three will be given 80, 70 and 65 points. Numbers four (60), five (55) and six (50) also receive many points. Figures seven to eleven get 48, 46, 44, 42 and 40 points. Then return one point per place.

Cross crosses:
09/23 – our flag Waterloo – Toon Aerts
9/29 – our flag Iowa – Toon Aerts
10/21 – flag-ch Bern – Mathieu van der Poel

Standing after three motos:
1 flag-be Toon Aerts – 225 points
2 flag-be Wout van Aert – 210 points
3 flag-be Quinten Hermans – 175 points
4. flag-en CornĂ© van Kessel – 153 points
5. flag-be Daan Soete – 147 points
6 flag-be Laurens Sweeck – 142 points
7 flag-be Team Merlier – 130 points
8. flag-be Michael Vanthourenhout – 125 points
9. flag-be Kevin Pauwels – 122 points
10. flag-fr Steve Chainel – 119 points

The remaining programs:
11/17 – -cz flag Tabor
11/25 – flag-be Koksijde
12/23 – flag-be What is the name
12/26 – flag-be Heusden-Zolder
01/20/2012 flag-fr Pontchateau
01/27 – flag-en Hoogerheide

Super Prestige
After three rounds, Superprestige only has one winner: Mathieu van der Poel. At SP-cross Gieten he settled with world champions, Van Aert and Aerts. Di Boom, that is Aerts and Gianni Vermeersch whom he referred to other podium places. Van Aert crossed the cross from Boom. In SP-cross at Ruddervoorde we have the same podium as in Gieten: Van der Poel for the Belgians Van Aert and Aerts. Van der Poel was clearly also leading the Superprestige ranking, followed by Aerts and Lars van der Haar.

Scores on Superprestige are very easy, fifteen points for winners and one point less for lower positions, up to and including number fifteen.

Stage at Ruddervoorde – photo: PhotoPress.be

Cross crosses:
10/14 – flag-en Casting – Mathieu van der Poel
10/10 – flag-be Boom – Mathieu van der Poel
10/28 – flag-be Ruddervoorde – Mathieu van der Poel

Standing after three motos:
1 flag-en Mathieu van der Poel – 45 points
2 flag-be Toon Aerts – 40 points
3 flag-en Lars van der Haar – 30 points
4. flag-be Wout van Aert – 28 points
5. flag-be Gianni Vermeersch – 21 points
6 flag-be Laurens Sweeck – 20 points
7 flag-be Tom Meeusen – 20 points
8. flag-be Michael Vanthourenhout – 20 points
9. flag-en David van der Poel – 17 points
10. flag-be Quinten Hermans – 17 points

The remaining programs:
11/11 – flag-be Gavere
12/16 – flag-be Zonhoven
12/30 – flag-be Diegem
10/02 – flag-be Hoogstraten
02/16 – flag-be Middelkerke

DVV Insurance Cup
In the first round of the DVV Insurance Trophy it became clear that Mathieu van der Poel could also be defeated. What's called, MVDP is 21 in just four minutes. The victory went to Toon Aerts, who showed himself the strongest on Koppenberg's sides. The second place is for Michael Vanthourenhout, before World Champion Wout van Aert.

Toon Aerts leads the cross – photo: PhotoPress.be

The classification in the DVV Insurance Trophy is made on the basis of time, same as the classification in the stage race. The only addition to this is that you can lose a maximum of five minutes. Not starting on the cross also produces a five minute malus.

Cross crosses:
11/11 – flag-be Koppenbergcross – Toon Aerts

Stand after one motto:
1 flag-be Toon Aerts in 1u02m26s
2 flag-be Michael Vanthourenhout + 11s
3 flag-be Wout van Aert + 14s
4. flag-en Lars van der Haar + 58s
5. flag-be Quinten Hermans + 1m18s
6 flag-be Laurens Sweeck + 1m25s
7 flag-be Eli Iserbyt + 1m38s
8. flag-be Kevin Pauwels + 1m52s
9. flag-be Jens Adams + 2m00s
10. flag-be Daan Soete + 2m31s

11/11 – flag-be Annual market cross
11/18 – flag-be Flandriencross
12/15 – flag-be Scheldecross
12/28 – flag-be Acescross
01/01 – flag-be GP Sven Nys
06/01 – flag-be DVV Brussels Trophy
09/02 – flag-be Krawatencross

Weeks will have a cross on Saturday at Niel, where the second round at the DVV Verzekeringen Trophy is in the program. On Sunday, SP-cross Gavere is in the program, the fourth round of Superprestige.


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