KPN will rearrange and delete jobs


KPN will reset to save costs and work will also be deleted. Precisely saying the KPN has not been able to say the exact number. Analysts calculated that losses could increase to 1500 jobs. Telecommunications companies want to save 350 million euros by reorganizing. In the previous round of reorganization, KPN wanted to cut it twice as it is now. Then there are 1,500 to 2,000 jobs deleted.

According to the KPN, it is difficult to mention the exact number of jobs, because the elimination of work is not the main goal of the plan. Companies want to simplify the system and digitize and automate more.

5G and fiberglass

Furthermore, KPN wants to increase fixed and cellular networks. For example, the company wants to build fiber optic connections that are faster to meter cabinets in about 1 million households. Now only fiber is used for parts of the network. The company will also prepare for the arrival of the 5G cellular network.

In addition, the goal is that current customers will buy a larger package. For example, telecommunications providers want 300,000 households with regular subscriptions to also take cellular subscriptions with KPN. KPN hopes that within three years, there will be around 1.6 million households that purchase fixed and mobile services from the company.


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