King Willem-Alexander flew a passenger plane to Turkey


Only the flight crew were notified of the fact that our king would be the co-pilot on this flight. Passengers don't know anything. But he was recognized by several people.

Can Inspection tell the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah that he was one of the few people who recognized the King. "You are not flown by the king every day, so I will not immediately forget this moment."

He was also somewhat afraid of the co-pilot Willem-Alexander. The king is of course only a part-time pilot. "Even so, the landing and landing are done."

The man tried to give another note to King Willem-Alexander. "To thank him and ask if he wants to take a picture with me." A king's guardian accepted it and said that on the plane, the king wanted to be seen as a pilot.

When landing, all 131 Boeing 737-700 passengers were notified of special pilots. Willem-Alexander also took a return trip to Schiphol for his account.


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