Saturday , May 8 2021

Jessie J wants to be a mother once again

The doctor told the singer four years ago that he could not have children. He wrote a song about it, the Word Four Letter, which he did on Wednesday at the Royal Albert Hall. After this opening, he received many statements of support in the last days, and he was very grateful to his fans. "The love and support that I received is extraordinary, thank you," Jessie wrote.

"Four years ago I was told that my uterus had to be removed, which I refused, and now that I no longer use natural medicines and changes in diet, I have not given up, I did everything I could to make it possible for my body. "


The singer and songwriter wrote that millions of women must walk the difficult and emotional path before they become mothers. "It's something we need to talk about openly, I've been wanting to be open about it for a long time, but it's my truth, that's why I put it in my music."

He wants to offer hope to others with his openness. "There is a mother in all of us, who inspires every day, we are strong, time will tell." He concluded the Intagram Story with another thank you. "It's scary to be very vulnerable, but actually, I wrote songs for myself at a sad time and it helped me turn sadness into strength, and for all others who suffer from fertility problems."

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