Sunday , November 29 2020

Drew Barrymore impressed by ‘weird’ interview | Entertainment

Corona crisis is possible Barrymore there are no direct guests in the studio. However, according to the actress, it did not detract from the quality of the episodes, in which she was among other things Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon in Anne Hathaway guests via holographic technology. “It’s been very smooth, it’s very strange,” Drew said happily Variation. “We are now using green screen images on purpose because everyone thinks the guests are at the location with me. This looks very realistic. “

According to Barrymore, the creators of his new show must immediately make changes when the corona crisis erupts. Not even sure if the talk show will continue. “I’m not sure at all. And even today I’m not sure. It can always change, ”said Drew.

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