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Dovizioso won in Nat Valencia, Marquez and Rossi fell

15:29 – Andrea Dovizioso has made a special win at the Valencia Grand Prix on Sunday. Italy took the victory after he followed with Alex Rins shortly after the restart and stood proudly in the rest of the race.

Rainy weather will play a big role during the nineteenth and final round of the 2018 MotoGP World Championship. After being dry for a while before the race, rain began to fall about ten minutes before the start of the warm-up round. and some drivers choose other tire combinations. Three drivers (Andrea Dovizioso, Marc Marquez and Stefan Bradl) initially chose the medium rear tires, but returned to the softest rear tires. Dani Pedrosa chose the medium front tire, Valentino Rossi and a number of other drivers switched to the soft front tires.

From second place Alex Rins made a brilliant start. The driver took the holeshot and rode the first lap more than a second faster than the rest of the field. The Spanish spaniard argues. That speed was immediately high enough for the Suzuki driver to start at the end of the second round with 2.8 seconds before the start / finish. Pol Espargaro is another Spanish person who made a big impression in the early stages of the race. The KTM-man started from sixth place and managed to win a place in the first round. Then he found a strong opponent in his former rival Marc Marquez and tried to outwit the world champions. He succeeded in the first example, then he also took the Vesales poles which did not have a good start. Jack Miller and Aleix Espargaro's races meanwhile ended due to a collision.

The Yamaha man then fell back further and immediately saw how his teammate Rossi passed him in battle for third place in the World Championship. Experienced Italians go up to sixth and don't take more positions when the drama takes place within the sphere. First Pol Espargaro fell from fourth place in the race and while Marquez found a tie with Dovizioso, it was also wrong for him at the ninth corner on the circuit. The driver was launched from the engine and his shoulder came out like the day before. At the same time, it was wrong for Thomas Lüthi to end his MotoGP career in a gravel pit.

Not surprisingly, there are also a number of drivers who benefit from conditions and collisions up front. Andrea Iannone rose to fifth place, but not long after in a mistake in turn 12 when Suzuki did not give home. Rossi climbed to third place and drove almost one second faster than Dovizioso and Rins. The two front runners had changed the gas valve which was covered by heavy rain that hit the Ricardo Tormo Circuit and drove about three seconds slower than at the start of the race.

Viñales worked in a number of strong rounds, but failed in the twelfth round when he lost control of his engine when he came out of corner 13. At the same time, it was wrong for Franco Morbidelli to fall at Turn 8. Shortly thereafter, it was wrong to KTM driver Bradley Smith in turn 13.

Up front, Alex Rins took the lead to be unsafe and steered straight forward for a moment, losing two positions for Rossi and Dovizioso. Ducati racer Dovizioso leads and raises his hand on the next track in straight. He signaled that things were too dangerous to continue the race. Almost immediately after, the race management really decided to neutralize the race after fourteen laps.

Restart fourteen laps

All drivers enter the pit and a little more than half an hour later the condition is cleared so it is safe to send the racer back to the track. Marshals are busy sweeping the pool on the circuit. In the restart procedure, which starts at 3:00 p.m., the initial position is determined in the order of the last complete part of the thirteenth round. Rins, Dovisioso and Rossi starting from the first starting line are restarted where sixteen riders come to departure.

Rins again made a very good start and also at the beginning of the second he took the holeshot. Dovizioso followed Rossi behind him. Immediately Dovizioso knew he had to go through Rins, at the end of the second round DesmoDovi put his GP18 inside the Rins and took the lead in the game. KTM driver Espargaro, on the other hand, found a way past Pedrosa and was in fourth place.

However, from fourth place, Espargaro cannot complain about the three leaders who leave immediately from the others. Dovizioso, Rins and Rossi are the only riders who finish rounds at 1.42, followers advance 1.43 or slower. Dovizioso drove little by little from Rins and Rossi on lap, especially the Suzuki driver who seemed to be struggling with the high-speed Ducati racer. It only took a few laps before Rossi started the attack on Rossi and began chasing Dovizioso.

At first Rossi seemed to take a step back compared to Dovizioso, but it turned out to be a futile hope for fans & # 39; The Doctor & # 39; The hope of a possible victory was completely lost when Italy lost Yamaha's back on the 12th corner and fell. Rossi hurried and returned to the track, but he was in thirteenth position in the game. The fall of Rossi caused Dovizioso to have a big advantage over Rins. The difference is around six seconds and KTM Espargaro is suddenly in third place.

Dovizioso took back the gas on the last lap of the race and reached the finish by almost three seconds. The second rins for the crazy Espargaro, who gave KTM the first podium in MotoGP.

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