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Destroy fire damage during the day at Niawier

Photo: 112 Doc


as 18 November 2018 19.54 hours

NIAWIER – Large fires have a big impact on the residents of Niawier village. On the night of Friday to Saturday, the warehouse of the De Scheepstimmerman furniture factory in the village burned to the ground. Around 11:50 a.m. the first report was made, after which it was immediately upgraded to a large fire signal. Many fire extinguishers came on site and tried to prevent the transfer to the surrounding neighborhoods. This works with rapid spread.

During the day, great damage from the destructive fire can be seen clearly. Asbestos removal companies are busy all day on Saturday to get the main road and sidewalks clean again. Around half past three, Siercksmawei was released again for traffic. The hoarding of beds and gardens will still be valid first, because they must also be cleaned.

The Ternaard fire brigade had taken action once again on Saturday afternoon to extinguish the blazing fire. The Police and Brand Research team will investigate the cause of the fire. Arson is not excluded.


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