Chinese baby makers are proud of their work abroad


This is the first time that researchers have appeared in public since his video was published on YouTube on Monday, which caused worldwide anger among scientists and ethics experts. In it he announced the birth of Lulu and Nana's baby. Interventions in embryos with young crispr-cas technology are intended to make children, including scientists want to maintain identity confidentiality, be resistant to HIV. So far there has been no independent confirmation of his claim.

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In Hong Kong, he repeated that he had asked several couples who did not have children from healthy mothers and HIV-infected fathers to participate in the experiment. Finally one of the couples got a twin. "I am really proud of this special case," he said. After the birth of children, he received a message from a father who promised to work hard, get money and always look after his two daughters and wife. He also said that someone was still pregnant in the context of his research.

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