Canvas falls definitively for & # 39; am Amsterdam & # 39; at Museumplein | Interior


GroenLinks previously submitted a motion about the elimination of slogans at the Museumplein, because the letters would represent individualism. Father spiritually rejected the argument. "It's the opposite! The letters emanate: it doesn't matter whether you live, work or visit the city: You are part of the city," said alderman board member Frits Huffnagel.

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Red and white slogans, more than 2 meters wide and 23 meters wide, are very popular among tourists as photo objects. The proposal was not suitable for everyone and the city council did not agree with that. VVD, Forum for Democracy, Party for Animals, Elderly People's Party and THOUGHT.

The letters are also in other places. Mosi states that this can only be used to a certain extent. The city council also agreed with a proposal to ban vacation rentals in three Amsterdam neighborhoods; de Wallen, Kinkerbuurt, and Haarlemmerbuurt.


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