Monday , January 18 2021

Bild attacks Bijleveld | Inland

This spectacular story even served as the reason for the newspaper to introduce Bijleveld to German-speaking readers with a profile under the headline: ‘Das ist Europas leichtsinnigste Ministerin’. While the drama acknowledged that the mistake was made by a ministry official, the “stupid and embarrassing mistake” was personally blamed on him.

Bild was shocked that Bijleveld was considered an ‘expert in cybersecurity’. For example, a recent lecture attended by the German Minister of Defense was quoted.

Journalists from RTL Nieuws were able to break into it because of the ministry’s mistake. A photo of the meeting between Bijleveld and his European counterparts was posted on his Twitter timeline. The clerk forgot to delete the login address and part of the access code.

As a result, technology journalist Daniël Verlaan from RTL News managed to break into the meeting. In the released audio recording, Verlaan’s voice also conveyed surprise. “Yes, sorry, I’m a journalist from the Netherlands,” said Verlaan with a laugh when High Representative Josep Borell asked him if he was aware of the fact that he participated in a secret meeting of the Council of Foreign Affairs. “Sorry, I’ll leave this conversation now.”

The media across Europe are feasting on this strange story. Prime Minister Mark Rutte emphasized during his weekly press conference following the Council of Ministers on Friday that the error illustrates the importance of digital security. It was a “by-catch of his mistakes,” said the prime minister. “That we can now again show the importance of cyber security.

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