Wednesday , August 4 2021

Private public partnership: Mali is respected in Casablanca

Minister of Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Moulaye Ahmed Boubacar participated from 12 to 13 November in Casablanca in the second edition of the African Forum on Public Private Partnerships. Moulaye Ahmed Boubacar represented the guest of Prime Minister SoumeylouBoubèyeMaïga to honor the event. With the central theme "Promoting ICT and Agriculture in Africa through PPP", this forum is intended to be a catalyst where public and private actors will occupy the main place.

The term PPP refers to contracts that are agreed upon between private state companies to finance, build or manage infrastructure to highlight Moroccan experience in this field.

For the organizers, led by TRAINIS CEO of statesman Daouda Coulibaly, the holding of this event in Morocco is in line with His Majesty King Mohamed VI's commitment to South-South cooperation and economic development of the continent. According to him Morocco is a reference in terms of PPP and agriculture. Therefore this forum was held in Casablanca.

Through this forum to create a framework for exchange and reflection on various issues related to the implementation of infrastructure projects, in accordance with the Government-Private Partnership model on the continent.

In his remarks, the Minister of Industrial Development and Investment Promotion welcomed the holding of this forum because according to him, faced with a scarcity of public resources, private sector participation seems important if we want to go to its emergence. . This concern is widely held by Mali, which regards PPP as one of its priorities and has included it in its institutional development mechanism through the establishment of PPP Units. This is an ambitious device based on effective and transparent interventions.

For Moulaye Ahmed Boubacar, Africa is destined to succeed in development because it is the only way to fight illegal immigration, youth unemployment and poverty that is plaguing the continent today.

On the sidelines of this forum, Minister Moulaye Ahmed Boubacar held useful discussions with representatives of the Sherifian Government who invited him to return to concretize these desires. The minister also met with leaders of large Moroccan groups specializing in industry, investment and renewable energy.

During a dinner approved by this forum, the Minister of Industrial Development and Investment Promotion accepted on behalf of the Prime Minister a certificate of recognition for Mali's government support for this forum.


Source: September 22

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