Olivier Meyrou, ghost watchdog


PORTRAIT – Filmed between 1998 and 2001, documentary filmmakers are now on the bill. It took eleven years for the film celebration, devoted to Yves Saint Laurent, can be officially broadcast.

The poster image blurred … Saint Laurent by Richter? No, just a realistic dream.celebration is a film where the "old" was found, like the witnesses of time suspended, torn from their lives: the closure of fashion houses, in January 2002. The irony of History: November 14, the date chosen by the distribution to release this documentary, is the day Pierre BergĂ©'s birthday. Ghosts have a long life. In 2001, president Yves Saint Laurent opposed the exploitation of this documentary film which was presented at the Berlinale in 2007. The opposite of choices dominated by personal complaints? With a presentation that was too crude of a fusion fight between two people Olivier Meyrou called "the bearer and the fielder". A direct portrait of a couturier who signed his latest collection, between passion and detachment, looking for and forgetting?

"I didn't realize we were two directors at the time"

Olivier Meyrou

Olivier Meyrou caught a living man who paid retrospective respect and wallowing, to …


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