Napoli: Ancelotti mimics Mourinho – Buzz


Carlo Ancelotti did not find Jose Mourinho's move on Wednesday night after Juve-MU. Laughing at the gesture, he justified the disputed colleague's release.

Carlo Sacred Ancelotti … The Napoli coach has been questioned at a press conference about Jose Mourinho's attitude, very provocative after Manchester United's victory on the Juventus pitch on Wednesday night in the Champions League (1-2). The Portuguese coach, as a reminder, put his hand behind his ear towards Juventus tifosi, the final whistle and while his team still lost 1-0 five minutes from the end.

To answer that question, Ancelotti placed his hand behind his ear and said: "I'm sorry, I don't understand!" Then, more seriously, he defended his famous colleague: "Yes, we have responsibilities in the field, but after receiving 90 minutes of humiliation, I will say that his attitude is understandable." For Mourinho, the context was also influenced by his former Inter coach status.

But however, Ancelotti did not want to apologize to those who insulted Mourinho: "In my opinion, this insult is underestimated, so that's enough!" The "Mou" also hit the first leg in Manchester, showing number three with his fingers, referring to three Italian league titles won on the Inter Milan bench (Inter and Juventus became clear two arch enemies on the other side of the Alps).


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