Tuesday , October 26 2021

J.K. Rowling was betrayed and stolen by her former assistant?


CB is heating up

While J.K. Rowling is expected to attend tonight at the premiere of Fantastic Animals 2 in Paris, saga writer Harry Potter reportedly filed a complaint against his former assistant Amanda Donaldson. As announced by the BBC, working between February 2014 and April 2017 for Britons whose fortune is estimated at $ 650 million will steal more than $ 31,000.

Because instead of using the J.K blue card. Rowling for business purchases, Amanda Donaldson will transfer a large amount of this money to herself. Generous with his boss's money, the former novelist employee will offer everything he wants. Like what? The luxurious Jo Malone fragrance where he will spend more than $ 1,900, Molton Brown cosmetics for more than $ 4,700, $ 1,900 in candles, more than $ 1,600 dropped at Starbucks and more than $ 1,000 in cake shops or $ 1,500 to buy two cats .

He even stole Harry Potter products

The Sun, who has obtained legal documents from the Airdrie Sheriff Court court in Scotland, also reported that, in addition to all piracy, JK Rowling's former assistant was also suspected of stealing derivatives. Harry Potter. Among the missing pieces, there will be a small motorized train representing the famous Hogwarts Express. The alleged robber would even steal money in a safe.

The author will accuse Amanda Donaldson with evidence, but the latter will argue. And besides denying the facts, he will also accuse others in his place for this theft: caregiver, Fiona Shapcott. Case to follow.

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