Thursday , May 6 2021

Instead of brandishing a phallus, Moroccan women brandished a whistle!

TRIBUNE. Every minute, from the womb to the columbarium, a Moroccan woman is violated in her dignity, in terms of, in her rights, violated in gender equality, in her decision, in her freedom, violating in her femininity, in her body, in her sexuality, violated in her pride , violated in his choice of clothing, in his dignity, in his pride, in his school, in his faith, in his inheritance, raped in his marriage, in his pregnancy, in his authority, violated in his body, in his soul, raped in his life, violated on his Olympus , violated in its essence. A prostitute on earth and asphalt in Eden, she was raped into a woman, raped to be without linga, raped to be herself!

Instead of whistling by recognizing a phallic yoke man, he should have surprised the stick that was exhibited and helpless by taking and brandishing his strong, continuously erected inner curve which only terrorized cocked creatures.
I am against this whistle which, for her, is only a self-humiliation, self-humiliation, an agreement on phallic fetters.

Even more seriously, the woman whistled, unconsciously, choosing a man-made object with a kind of channel that was erected upward and addressed at the bottom of the shape that was reminiscent of the two yeuks, with which, moreover, she held it in her mouth to expel air. Still in the analysis of this metaphor, isn't ejaculated air not a symbolic whistle is the release of male seeds?
Isn't it symbolic hissing of orgasm without the approval of the hummer in the bat?
Let's go back to a very simple analysis to show the whistles and contradictions of this whistle.

Logically, we carry a whistle as a distress flare in the forest, at sea, where we are alone, and whose purpose is to activate it if there are difficulties to be saved.

Today, Moroccan streets are always inhabited by people without politeness, who observe a few centimeters from their eyes, the harassment of women and obviously Kolabo does not consider these women in danger and in danger. It was not a whistle that would convince them to come and save them because they would do the same thing the next time.

The woman is a traveling prey and the hunter sees her to take it, if she whistles later, she will denounce her position and other predators will soon enjoy the party.

Even worse, whistling in cases of suffering (being harassed in public), not even warning other women (preying on themselves) who are a few centimeters or meters away from him and not even coming to save him to help fight this sex-mens hommass rape. This shows Morocco's yoke strength to the woman.

Our society consists of millions of men and one and only one woman!

Expert in psychoanalysis of Moroccan and Arab societies.

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