Expression – The Daily – "The HCA is perfectly in line with the Academy"



The Academy will hold advice, chair, offices, and commissions.

The Si El Hachemi Assad, Secretary General of the Grand Committee, said that setting up the language of the Alzheimer Academy Amazigh is a "new milestone in promoting Tamazight", ensuring that HCA maintains a "complementary" relationship with this institution to work together national language. "The establishment of the Academy is likely to give more to the Office of the High Commissioner Amazigh," Assad said, noting that the HCA is "inextricably linked and fully in line with the Academy in order to gradually improve Tamazight's education in the education system and higher education." Welcoming the recent statement by Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia, on the establishment of the Amazigh Language Algeria Academy by the end of 2018, Assad emphasized in this context the HCA's aspirations to support this language. For Mr. Assad, Tamazight is "generalizing" the time, resources and necessary supervision, "recalling that the teaching of this language was extended to 43 wilayas, through the HCA on the four remaining wilayas, namely El Ouedon, Naâmán, El Tarfon and Tiaret the same manager emphasized the role of HCA in promoting "national" and "official" language and also stated that the challenges facing HCA include "integrating Amazigh's creativity into all language versions, all literary genres and translation and the presence of the Amazigh language is a public service activity. "As regards the role of the Academy, Mr. Assad stated that the missions of this institution were defined by the Biological Law for this purpose, including the development of the reference vocabulary of the Amazigh language, to support the HCA The Academy's mission is to standardize Tamazight and prepare this language for "language of science and modernization." Regarding the writing used to transcribe Tamazight, the same official indicated that the challenges to the Academy were "the most appropriate formula for translating the language" that the triptych, namely Tifinagh, Latin and Arabic, was accepted. To find that the decision on this issue is "political", according to HCA SG, writing is not a "problem" and academics must remain. Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia of the Algerian International Book Fair No. 23 At the inauguration of his release, the Algerian Academy is about to create Amazigh's language: "Before the end of the current year". In response to the "questions" raised following the establishment of the Academy,
Ouyahia says the state "maintains" the Office of the High Commissioner for Amazigh. In this regard, he said that the HCA "plays an important role in promoting the Amazigh language and continues to fulfill its mission in co-operation with the Academy," confirming "tamazight." It should be recalled that the Amazigh language is an organic law for the creation of an Algerian academy, Parliament's two councils adopted in June after ratification by the Council of Ministers defines the missions, the organization and functioning of the body, concluded with the President of the Republic and established by Article 4 of the Constitution, which was amended in 2016. The Academy is primarily responsible for national In all language versions of Amazigh's corpus, he formulates the standardization of Amazigh's language at all levels of description and language analysis, and develops the reference dictionary of Amazigh language. The composition of the Academy is no more than 50 members, selected by experts experience in the field of sciences and the Amazigh language and related sciences.


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