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El Khalfi underlined the strong desire of Moroccan civil society to adhere to the advocacy of Moroccan Sahara efficiently

The minister in charge of relations with parliament and civil society, Mustapha El Khalfi, said on Friday in Marrakech, the strong desire of Moroccan civil society to adhere efficiently to advocacy in Moroccan Sahara, through participation in international conferences, UN and continents, and deepening knowledge about history of the first national goals and the legal, political, international dimensions and their development.

Speaking at the opening of the second meeting on Moroccan Sahara civil advocacy, El Khalfi said that civil society had also joined advocacy about the first national goal in digital matters, adding that adhesion was the answer to King Mohammed VI's call that the question of Moroccan Sahara was everyone's business : state institutions, Parliament, elected councils, politics, trade unions and economic actors, authorities from civil society, the media and all citizens.

And the minister noted that the United Nations praised the role of regional human rights commissions, which in their latest report, especially in April, referred to cases of gross human rights violations in human rights. Tindouf Camp, stressed the need to lift the veil to the situation prevailing in these camps.

El Khalfi also reviewed a number of performances and the victories Morocco won over the past year, including the continuation of the withdrawal of the "pseudo-rasd" recognition, which stated that the Kingdom was not a hostage to the settlement of this artificial conflict and had intensified the pace of development in the southern provinces , while ensuring the retention and improvement of the Saharawi, Hassania culture, which represents one component of the Moroccan identity.

He also explained that the three-day symposium was a step towards action and awareness of the magnitude of the challenges, especially those relating to civil society, promotion of human rights and freedom and socio-economic development, which, he said, would likely consolidate Kingdom efforts and autonomy initiatives as solution to resolve this artificial conflict.

The Minister also welcomed several initiatives carried out by civil society during the year, bearing in mind that this action has focused on training and capacity building for effective and efficient advocacy in Moroccan Sahara.

The annual colloquium aims to devote the achievements of the first conference on civil advocacy in Moroccan Sahara, to equip participants with civil advocacy skills and mechanisms at the first national goal, to adapt multi-dimensional advocacy speeches on the questions of the Sahara, and to understand the latest developments on this issue .

The event also aims at the transition to practical initiatives in the field of civil advocacy in the Moroccan Sahara, the valorization of civil initiatives that record quantitative evolution that must be exploited and strengthened, without forgetting intensifying collective action and building bridges between the younger generation and actors who lay the foundation for advocacy on issues Kingdom territorial integrity.

To support civil society association initiatives for effective, acting and influential advocacy, based on strong scientific knowledge, while being aware of developments in national causal issues, and equipped with and advocacy tools, the Ministry launched a multidimensional program aimed at all associative actors and included, between others, training arrangements and capacity building mechanisms, exchange of expertise and encouragement. initiative.

On the symposium menu, there are scientific sessions on several themes, including the latest developments of national goals and current UN regulations, legal aspects for renewal of advocacy and civil demand balance sheets. about Moroccan Sahara, in addition to presenting the main experiences in advocacy in 2018-19, and organization of practical workshops on advocacy skills and techniques.

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