Sunday , November 29 2020

Agent free 2020: complete assessment after the second night

After the second night of the 2020 “free agent”, approximately 30 hours after the market opening, there were nearly 60 signatures. Bobby Marks details that 85% of places are now taken up in the workforce, with 15 teams already having more than 14 players in their group. As usual, things were going really fast …

We ruled out any trade-offs (Steven Adams, James Johnson, Trevor Ariza, Delon Wright…) or even De’Aaron Fox’s maximum contract extension with Kings.

For the rest, here is an interactive table (you can search for a specific player or team name) of all signatures from free agents, some of which are unknown.

Here’s also the cash flow during these first hours, to visualize the club’s losses and investments.

But also the contracts offered by each club.

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