A new list of national cultural heritage


The Ministry of Culture and Communication announced that they had begun the classification and registration of several historical monuments and stone carving sites on National Cultural Heritage.

In this context, it was passed on to inscriptions from the Targha mosque, which is located in the territorial collectivity of Tizgane (Chefchaouen province), on the national heritage list, showing service in a communiqué. The ministry has also begun to take the administrative and legal measures needed to include the Dar Si Said building in Marrakech on a list of monuments and the entry of stone carving sites located in the provinces of Guelmim and Assa-Zag on the national heritage list, the statement said.

As part of its policy for the protection of the National Cultural Heritage, the Ministry takes stock of all components of cultural heritage in its material and immaterial aspects, throughout the national territory, by sending field missions according to the pre-determined annual program. The department also processes data from this mapping through publicly available computer databases, and organizes exhibitions to raise public awareness about this issue. the importance of national cultural heritage and the need to preserve it, to preserve it and to ensure transmission to the next generation, said the same source. This operation is part of the ministry's strategy aimed at rehabilitation, preservation and improvement of tangible and intangible national heritage and its integration in a global development perspective, in accordance with legal provisions on conservation. historical sites, landscapes, carvings, artwork and antiques, the statement concluded.


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