Thursday , May 6 2021

With bullets, they foiled the return of abandoned people

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Chilpancing. – Once again the return of the refugees from the Sierra de Guerrero was an effort. In the Los Morros community, close to their destination, from the hill they shoot caravans guarded by the military and police.

The refund was suspended there, in Los Morros, where nearly 2,000 displaced people were waiting to return to the town of Filo de Caballos, where the gunmen who took it last Sunday continued.

Yesterday, a caravan of around 105 cars was guarded by police and military leaving the Leonardo Bravo city auditorium, after almost a week thousands of people lived to a minimum.

First attempt On Friday the residents tried to return, but they were unsuccessful: when they were organized, they received a call warning them not to leave, because gunmen in the Los Morros community had fired from the hills into homes, according to the former coordinator. Citizen Leonardo Bravo police, Crescencio Pacheco González.

At night, the mayor and commissioner meet with state government officials; They agreed to their departure this Saturday. The agreement considered a shelter, because the gunmen had not yet accepted to leave Filo de Caballo.

Even so, at noon on Saturday the left caravan with settlers. In the front are the police and military, then reporters and return to flee.

Balazos stopped them. After going through the dirt road, the caravan takes a road that connects Chilpancingo with Filo de Caballos. When passing through the Los Morros community, the attack was attacked, according to a report by reporters who accompanied the refugees.

In a statement, a spokesman for the Guerrero Coordination Group (GCG), Roberto vlvarez Heredia, reported that the shot did not fight the caravan but into the air from the hills. For this attack, both the injured and the dead were not reported.

Caravans remain anchored in Los Morros; while officials and military commanders went to the Filo de Caballos community to talk to the army and ask them to allow the villagers to return to their homes.

Vlvarez Heredia reported that at a point between Los Morros and Filo de Caballo, officials found a garbage truck that was traversed on the road, with the intention of preventing the caravan from entering. This frustrated the second attempt by thousands of people to return to their homes, in many cases, with their own.

They were kicked out. On Monday afternoon, the exodus began in the Campo de Aviación community, Los Morros, La Escalera, El Naranjo, Carrizal de la Via, Balsamar and Tepozonalco. The day before they arrived around 3 thousand and they faced another group for four hours. Seven civilians were killed, dozens were injured and many homes and cars were shot. Fear encouraged them to leave their city.

The refugees are in the Chichihualco auditorium – which is not enough to accommodate 2 thousand people -, they sleep on mats and eating is barely enough to satisfy their hunger.

Many refugees want to return to their villages, because their families and animals remain there. Others want to return because they have been told that their house was looted, shot and even some were used as barracks by armed forces.

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