Wednesday , January 20 2021

TikTok video censors Lucero


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Lucero, which a few months ago made its debut on the platform ICT tock, denounced that one of his videos was removed from a well-known social network for no apparent reason. After sharing on her Instagram account a picture in which she appears to be blowing bubbles with her mouth after putting shampoo on her lips, the singer and actress asked her followers if they understood why in ICT tock the same image is censored.

“I don’t understand why I was censored or downloaded from TikTok! Anyone knows? What do you think about the video, good or bad? #lucero, “wrote the singer. Instantly, some followers told him that the reason the network might have deleted the video was because of the security policies this app has, mainly because it’s an action kids can imitate without measuring the consequences, is that TikTok is deleting that content from him.

“I think maybe, because some people could just try and cause an accident” or “It must be because of the soap in the mouth, maybe if a boy sees it, he wants to do it and it can be done badly”, were some of the answers the Mexican artist received. , who until now had not responded to his followers after the explanation.

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Security policy ICT tock They have harmed several celebrities, actors, singers and YouTube users who had manifested themselves before this kind of action on their accounts. Another example of the above is Maria Leon, who shared in March this year that the network removed one of her videos in which she appears dancing.

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