Saturday , October 16 2021

This Thanksgiving will be very special for Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Pair formed by Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin He wanted to celebrate his first Thanksgiving dinner since they both became husband and wife in September. And precisely because the music star used to celebrate this holiday during his childhood and adolescence with his mother Patti Mallette, the two lovers have decided to enjoy this very intimate day with the father of the interpreter, Jeremy, the wife of this, Chelsey, and their daughter have in common, Bay, three months.

"Justin and Hailey will have dinner tomorrow with Jeremy and his family, Justin does not grow up celebrating Thanksgiving, so this opportunity will undoubtedly be very special," he told the news portal E! News sources are close to Canadian artists, who have shown in recent years that the relationship he has with his father does not stop improving with the passage of time.

With his presence at Jeremy Bieber's house on Thursday night, Hailey – officially Hailey Rhode Bieber on his Instagram profile – and Justin will also reveal, especially former troublemakers, how quickly they have settled since they returned to romance in the middle of this year – this couple had lived in a brief atmosphere in 2016 – and decided to formalize their love story with express marriage in a New York city civil registry.

"Justin can't be happier and satisfied with the direction his life has taken lately, he loves Hailey very much and he plays a very important role in all the changes he has experienced, the wonderful journey of self-discovery he has done for a long time and, for now this, Justin is in no hurry to return to the recording studio, "has explained other sources to the same media.

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