This Saturday, November 10, three asteroids will pass near Earth, according to NASA


On Saturday, November 10 this year, three large asteroids, the largest of which are up to 30 meters tall, will approach Earth, according to NASA data.

At 14:03 (GMT), an asteroid called 2018 VS1, between 13 and 28 meters, will pass through our planet. Estimates of the trajectory of celestial bodies made by NASA show that it would be around 1,391,535 kilometers away from Earth at the closest approach.

About 16 minutes later, at 14:19 (GMT), another asteroid between 14-30 meters wide, called 2018 VR1, will pass a distance of 5,066,418 kilometers from the planet.

Finally, at 18:21 GMT, the 2018 VX1 asteroid, which is 8-18 meters wide, will pass at a distance of 380,160 kilometers, slightly less than the average distance between the Earth and the Moon (384,400 kilometers).

Even though on a terrestrial scale this distance seems very large, in the cosmic world they are considered small, with information about Actuality RT.


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